Usually when we think of trips with kids, we think of Singapore, Australia, USA, Thailand Somehow China had never crossed my mind in the last ten years as I planned family trips.

China was on the list this year. Shanghai was hosting the Formula One Grand Prix and April being my husband’s Birthday month, I could not think of a better and a more appropriate gift than tickets to the Chinese Grand Prix.
So that's how the planning began. The formula one clubbed with the newly opened Disneyland in Shanghai and to experience the Great wall of China.

There was something for each one of us.

Shanghai : Here's whats been our experience - awe for the city and admiration. Shanghai is newly built and the sky scrapers and the skyline would put a lid on cities like Singapore and Dubai. The architecture is a marvel in this city. Buildings that are shaped like a bottle opener to a shoe to a spiral staircase that's always covered in clouds.... LED displays of lights at night on building facades.... A beautiful bund area, super clean, green, no homeless or beggars on streets or traffic lights; wide roads; multiple level Criss crossing highways; obedient drivers; and no wrong street parking.

The city boasts of beautiful parks and gardens. We were fortunate to witness the tulip blooms and the cherry blossom at the Daling Gardens here. What Amsterdam and what Japan..... They've got it all here. I’m just surprised Bollywood hasn't yet discovered it!

There is so much for the kids to do. There is the Chinese Arobatic circus, the parks, game galleries, Disneyland and shopping galore! I had a wonderful time gleaming through shops and getting ideas and inspirations for our brand NeedyBee

However, I have to acknowledge and mention that our stay was made so comfortable and easy because we stayed with our friends here. Language can be a nightmare for visitors. Public transport and all signages are in Chinese mostly. It'd be tough to explain to a taxi driver where u need to go unless u have it written down in Chinese language.
Distances are huge and metros are not as accessible . The MRT system is supposed to be great but stations are a few and then understanding the network takes time.

We had amazing Mexican (Maya ) and Indian food (Lotus) here . Starbucks at every corner makes any traveler feel right at home. Weather is on the colder side. Chinese Massages are highly recommended. We took one after our visit to Disneyland and that was the best thing ever!

The train station is unbelievable. So clean, huge and at par with international airports. Porters dressed so well with trollies. Courteous and to the point!

The bullet train to Beijing travels at the speed of 400km/hour.

Beijing welcomes you with clean roads, well pruned trees and hedges alongside the roads, wide n multi-level highways and tall buildings. It's not what I had in mind for this city at all. Having seen numerous episodes of the world's most polluted cities and Beijing being one of them ... I thought we'd be coughing our trip through there and there's by polluted grey skies, people walking around with masks... But to my pleasant surprise none of that is true.

Beijing is a smart city and a landmark of Chinese heritage, architecture and progressiveness. We got the perfect weather - sun with winds. A perfect day to walk the Great Wall of China. This wonder has been well preserved by the Chinese and allows a ropeway rode to the wall entrance and a slide down to the base from the top - which turned out to be a formula one racing ground for the kids and adults alike.

There are various spots along the way of the wall to get beautiful pictures and to stop and admire and breathe in this wonder. How beautiful is this world!

From there we drove to see the glass bridge lookout. The two-hour drive was along the outskirts of Beijing and even more picturesque with peach trees lined along the roads and farmers resorts for the busy city locals to come and relax at the farms and nature during the weekends.

With everything being what I'd ever imagine a city to be I wondered why do Chinese migrate to other parts of the world. They have it so good in their own country. The basic infrastructure is good, jobs a plenty, growing economy and beautiful landscape!

The city has escalators and elevators all through so that makes carrying prams and strollers easier.

Here's the verdict... China is a marvel and is soon going to beat every city in the world by imbibing their best and making it even better. It’s a great holiday destination with kids. Also, to explore would be ChengDu to see the Pandas in their natural habitat.

Author Nidhi Banthia Mehta, is a mother of two kids. Arjun Mehta (12) and Nia Mehta (10). She is happy to answer any parenting questions you may have. You may email her at
Nidhi is the founder and publisher of SuperMomPreneurs. She is also an appointed Mentor on Sheroes Community. She has three self-started businesses that she runs currently.