Having two of my own, I know how challenging, and how much anxiety it can pose to a woman to lost the oodles of pounds gained during pregnancy.

The nine months of pregnancy not only makes us carry the weigth of our baby but also the excess weigth that comes with the hunger pangs through the day and at odd hours of the night, the cravings for fatty foods and the consolation that we give to ourselves … Im justified -im pregnant. I can eat this – so what?

Once the new baby arrives, comes the anxiety of how to get rid of those extra pounds packed on during the pregnancy.

Most women gain about 5-35 pounds on an average during pregnancy. Some gain a lot more. Some start out having normal weight when they get pregnant and some women are on the obese or heavy weigth side when they get pregnant. These factors have a great impact on how soon you can shed those excess pounds you gained during the nine months.

For some lucky ones, it takes a couple of months to get back to the pre-pregnancy weight, if they watch what they eat and exercise regularly.

Some women could take much longer -- up to a year -- to get the weight off. Any baby weight that doesn’t shed off within the first year of post-pregnancy could stay on for a long time.

Weight loss requires a lot of patience, willpower and persistence. It takes us nine months to gain that kind fo weigth so we need to give ourselves atleast that much time to lose a good amount of it.

Being in a rush to lose weight, will only lead to disappointment and irritability. The important thing is to have a routine. Create a routine around your baby and your new life. Take out an hour for your exercise and don’t skip it. Be it yoga or going to the gym or just for a run -just do it religiously.

Eat healthy. It’s good for your body and your baby when you are breastfeeding. Have smaller portions of food but frequently. Choose your foods wisely.

I had personally gained 30 pounds in each of my pregnancy. From a size zero , after I gave birth to mybaby, I was wearing size 8 pants. It was so depressing and scary. I wondered if I’d ever lose that double chin and the weight around my tummy and buttocks. Being a dance instructor by profession of course helped me a lot. I went back to teaching dance after five weeks. Cardio exercises surely help a great deal and within four months I could see my waist shrinking and the fat on my face going. Once you see that change and the weigth loss it is self-motivating. Then you feel you can do it and it will happen. So, after eight months I was back to my pre-pregnancy wardrobe; I felt a lot better about myself and my self-esteem was not broken!

It is very often seen that women who don't lose their weight within a year of post-pregnancy are at greater risk of retaining the weight for the long term. It's also important for a woman to lose the weight before getting pregnant again, experts say. "Ideally, a woman would be at a healthy weight by the time she enters her second pregnancy."

So, throw off the excuses and the laziness. It is your body and your life. Talk to a fitness expert, a nutritionist and your doctor and create a regime of weigth loss for yourself. Be consistent. Be realistic and go at it. There is nothing that cannot be achieved if we try hard enough and put our mind to it.