The Birth of their Baby is probably the most special event in any human being’s life. Nothing can ever prepare us for the emotions that we will feel during this moment. Rightly so…. Just seeing a miracle being performed in front of your eyes that leads to a tiny life in your palms that is made from your DNA – no mathematical equation or no argument can explain the emotions that moment evokes in us.

I have always been a very carefree kind of a person and having gone to a boarding school since the age of seven I am a bit desensitized and stoic. It is difficult for me to express my emotions in public usually or even to myself or my closed ones. So when I was expecting my first child I was excited but normal…. I had a smooth pregnancy, full term – rather over term and I had to be induced for labor pains. Till then I had no idea how life altering my baby’s birth was going to be. Next Day I was ready to deliver and after half an hour of screaming and being tired finally I saw a tiny little boy wrapped in a towel crying being brought to me. I don’t know what came over me – but It was like the twenty three years of blocked emotions just finding its way out of my eyes. I kept weeping - they were tears of joy. I could not believe – he was inside me for ten months and he was me.

As soon as he lay next to me – it was the warmth of the body or the smell of the womb that he calmed down immediately and looked up at me with those beautiful big eyes – as though he recognized me. That connection and that moment cannot be ever explained. That love that was overfilling my cup of emotions, was pouring over endlessly.

I am still strong emotionally, but when it comes to being a mother – my cup just overflows!

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