In the recent years, everything “Organic” seems to be the cool “Mantra” and the buzzword. Well, besides the cool factor, it is actually a conscious choice many individuals and parents are making to contribute towards a pure, safer and natural environment. We read every day about the climate change, greenhouse effect, growing pollution – this lifestyle is leading to more diseases, growing number of asthmatic patients and cancer patients.

Babies are born with super sensitive skin. A baby’s skin is more porous and thinner than an adult’s skin. Their skin tends to absorb everything very fast and easily. I once read on the J&J website that “A baby’s skin is thinner, more fragile and less oily than an adult’s. A baby’s skin also produces less melanin, the substance that helps protect against sunburn. It’s less resistant to bacteria and harmful substances in the environment, especially if it’s irritated. Babies also sweat less efficiently than the rest of us, so it’s harder for them to maintain their inner body temperature.”

This effectively means that babies are far more prone to health risks arising out of pollution in the environment or their clothing. The baby’s clothing is always in direct contact with their skin. If the clothing is treated with very harsh chemicals or pesticides they get absorbed in the baby’s skin easily causing irritation and itchiness.

Clothing made from synthetic fibers that are manufactured with petrochemicals, acrylic, PVC, toxic dyes may be linked to severe health problems. At the same time, cotton that is treated with heavy pesticides has the same kind of health risk issues. The consumption in today’s world is far greater than what we can grow organically to meet the world’s demand. As a result artificial methods are adapted to grow the crops faster and fuller. This requires heavy usage of chemicals to the plants – which comes with its own price that we pay! The price of health risk!

This is why organic clothing is becoming increasingly a conscious choice with people today.

Clothing made of sustainable fibers with non-toxic dyes are the safest and will keep harmful chemicals and toxins away from the baby’s skin.  Organic clothing is certified by GOTS. GOTS is the world’s leading textile processing standard for organic fibers and requires that the clothing is ninety-five percent organic and has no toxic dyes or finishes.

Often Organic clothing comes in Bamboo cotton, Cotton, Silk and Wool. The myth is that the product must be expensive if it’s organic. Not true at all. Many a times, they are equally priced or even lower than a regular garment. An organic garment tends to last much longer and sustain many more washes before it wears out. Organic garments have an amazing soft feel to them.

Not only are they good for our skin but great for the environment and our soul. You will feel so good buying an organic garment. It maybe a psychological thing, but when you shop for organic items, you feel guilt-free

India is one of the largest manufacturers of Organic clothing. Organic clothing is being manufactured and exported worldwide. Our brand NeedyBee has a huge collection of Organic clothing, bedding, blankets, mittens, booties, caps, bibs, sleep suits, t-shirts, sweatshirts, scarves and rompers for babies and kids . 

We are a part of the #makeinindia initiative and we believe in providing the best quality garments for kids at the best value pricing. We do not use any synthetic materials in our apparel line for kids and we focus on value creation for our customers. Our eco-friendly clothing basics for babies and kids are made from organic cotton and responsibly produced by workers earning a fair wage. Our products are skin-friendly, anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, itch-free and soft for your little one. Our adorably stylish bodysuits, classic pajama sets, nightwear, cotton dresses, jhablas and all other products are all made with 100% organic cotton, eco-friendly dyes, and all natural wood in Fair Trade settings. We work with various women empowerment focused NGO’s in India to provide jobs that focus on social and economic independence. We are committed not only to mom and baby, but also to the environment and the planet. All our products that are in the Organic category are GOTS-certified cotton and dyes with low environmental impact.

So whenever you are looking to buy something for your baby think how much choosing organic baby clothing for your children can  reduce their exposure to toxins.