A newborn is the one who emerges as a new source of happiness for two people. It’s the miniature’s hands and the tiniest feet that lead you to new hope of life. These tiny hands and feet deserve the best accessories to begin their journey of life.

Apart from all the fun that these little babies have, the most unwanted task for them is bathing. O let your little one enjoy this bathing time you should try out some toys that he is happy to see. You need to assemble the things before making a baby bathe; your list should include a baby bath sponge, bath towel (a hooded one is preferable), clean diaper and clothes and essentially warm water. “Every bath time has proved to build a bonding with the newborn.”

The bright colours and noisy little things fascinate a new born the most. The apparels must be soft, bright coloured and cosy to make him feel the warmth in them. Bodysuits are the vital creation for any baby outfit with a colourful hat or hood and a pair of booties.


Gift sets to fascinate a new born varies to a wide range such as baby booties, baby caps, teddy pillows, stockings, themed towels, etc. Combo offers include products like baby buds- baby powder- baby soap, plastic bed- tethers- feeding bottle, baby pant- baby shirt and various other items.

Hair accessories can include soft elastic headbands, from basic bows to floral clips and lace headband and handmade knit & crochet baby hats, whereas feet can be covered by sneakers, dress shoes, boots, sandals, slippers etc.

Most newborns, irrespective of season, require some type of outerwear. Even spring and summer newborns may need a lightweight sweater for cool nights. For extra chilly weather, a light weighted jacket or sweater with a hood can serve best to ensure a little one is both stylish and warm.

Photos are a necessary part of life in making each phase memorable and hence you require a good photo frame, preserving each memory of your little one, so that when he grows up you have pictures to show him. Make sure that the prop is lined with something very soft and comfortable and that the newborn is never resting on a hard or wooden surface, such as stretch knit wraps, faux fur posing rugs, wood branch owl/bird nests, beanies, blankets, cocoons, hammocks, etc.

Making sure the baby can sleep safely at night is a major concern. Thin bumper pads, flannel-backed, waterproof mattress pad can serve the purpose making the child have a sound and safe sleep.

Your child brings with him a lot of happiness and you have to make sure that he gets the best accessories to make him feel loved and cared for. Invest in the best accessories and make your little baby look beautiful and gorgeous.