I was always a very independent person. Having lived in a boarding school since the age of seven, I had come into my own detached being. While I loved being around people, I also loved my space. I was a bit distanced and I needed space – a lot of space. I did not appreciate interference and nor did I feel too emotionally attached to anyone. I had very close friends and an intimate relationship with my husband but there still was a bit of detachment…. Or rather I should say I could detach myself when I felt the need to do so.

In 2005, we were expecting our first baby. I was excited but I had no clue what to expect. I knew that I had done the baby shopping, arranged for a nanny, my parents were visiting for three months to help with the new baby and things were by and large in my control.

24th February, 2005 our first born entered this world. A little baby boy. When he first opened his eyes and the doctor brought him close to me – I was crying uncontrollably out of mixed emotions. It was tears of joy, excitement, fear – I have no idea…. But I kept looking at him and thinking “is he for real. Is he mine…… I gave birth to this miracle? He has tiny hands and feet and he is crying and snuggling into me – like he knows me forever” ….. that was the day and today; I realize that as parents we have this unconditional love for our kids. More so for a mother who gives birth to those babies. I can stay up all night if my kids are unwell, change their nappies without any fatigue or sense of ickyness, clean, cook and never feel exhausted. However, if you had asked me to do any of this for anyone else or even myself, I would have probably made an excuse, frowned or been tired.

Motherhood, gives you this insulin of energy. You never feel tired; even though you work much more, sleep a lot less and still you are up and about to take on the new day. However, it is also important to realize that we can’t keep operating the same way of pushing ourselves to achieve things. Trying to be a super mum is not such a super idea! You quickly realize it’s not the ideal way to operate for you or your baby. Patience and compassion towards yourself should be abundant.

Finding a balance is an ongoing process. We can never perfect it, but we can get close to it so we can enjoy much of our own self and our kids. Accepting our life as it is and not wishing for anything else – just riding the waves that come, slowing the pace of our life down and enjoying the moments with the baby and growing kids as well as keeping our work going to give our self a sense of worthiness for all the education and work that we had put into before the baby came along is important.

Ideally, if we can go part-time to work that can help to create a good balance, moving to entrepreneurship is a good step during this time so we can pace the work, or taking up a time bound short day job can help to get out of the house, have adult interactions and yet be back to spend a good amount of quality time with the baby.

Motherhood makes you appreciate the moments you get for yourself alone. Reading a book becomes a treat, small pleasures of life become a focal point – like being able to visit the salon or catch up with a friend over coffee or just getting some much-needed rest. I can’t stress enough how beneficial it is to take time before & after the birth of your baby. Nourishing your body with good wholefoods, some light movement and more importantly focusing on your breathing to help you be in the most relaxed space possible for the new adventures ahead. Patience and compassion towards yourself and each other as parents is so essential, and taking a moment when things get overwhelming, realizing that the moment will pass.

This will be such an eye-opening experience. The main thing that will slowly change is an increased focus on the things that really matter and not spending time and energy on things & people that aren’t in alignment with your values. You will find yourself attracted to others with the same values to work with and build a strong and lasting community that will help to nourish and bring up your baby. Motherhood, will make you mature, grow overnight in your thought process and your issue handling capability. It is God’s gift to a woman to really come into her whole being! So, enjoy every moment of it and cherish it and respect it!

Author Nidhi Banthia Mehta, is a mother of two kids. Arjun Mehta (12) and Nia Mehta (10). She is happy to answer any parenting questions you may have. You may email her at contact@supermompreneurs.com

Nidhi is the founder and publisher of SuperMomPreneurs. She is also an appointed Mentor on Sheroes Community. She has three self-started businesses that she runs currently.