NeedyBee is a brand that has positioned itself as a one-stop shop for all things kids wear and accessories. Helmed by Alop Mehta and Nidhi Banthia Mehta, this store aims to offer kids some “seriously fun” and “comfortable” fashion. Since its inception in 2012, NeedyBee has expanded from its e-tailing roots to hosting its products in boutiques and retail chains.”

NeedyBee came into being a few years after the founding couple had children of their own. In the course of their hunt for clothing and accessories for their tots, they discovered that while some good pieces were available, there was a discernible gap between what was available locally and internationally.  Reminiscing on how the brand came by its unusual name, Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer Nidhi Mehta said: “The name was christened way back when I was in B-School. Emails had just been introduced and while I was looking to coin my email id, a colleague of mine suggested Needy (for Nidhi) and Bee (for my maiden name Banthia) and thus, everyone started calling me NeedyBee. I had always thought that if we ever started our own kids’ line, we would name it NeedyBee.”

Espousing their family-focus and meeting its needs at all stages, NeedyBee’s products range from clothing, nightwear, footwear and accessories for kids from zero to eight years of age, as well as items for kids room décor. NeedyBee’s products begin at a price of Rs. 39. In addition to the kids’ elements, the brand also offers a range of products for mums.

NeedyBee products are available on the brand’s website as well as other e-tailers and chain-stores like BabyOye, FirstCry, KoochieKoo, etc. Remarking on product availability for customers, Mehta said: “We retail online, as well as wholesaling to department stores and stores owned by third partied. On our website, we follow a hybrid model – 90% of the products are our own branded items; however, we have tied up with few selected merchants from the kids space who are featured on our website, and products that we don’t specialize in but would be of interest to parents who shop on our site are offered via these partners.”

Given the booming nature of the kids market, every brand, both domestic and international, needs to set themselves apart from other players in the same space. Commenting on how NeedyBee accomplishes the same, Mehta said: “Our strengths are in design and colours, style creation, product sourcing, and quality control. NeedyBee has nurtured its brand ensuring that all product design and marketing to the customer are developed in-house. This delivers a consistent approach to branding which increases brand recognition amongst customers.” She elaborated further saying: “NeedyBee is a part of the #MakeInIndia initiative. Our manufacturers are largely based locally and throughout India. The continuous design philosophy results in regular orders to its manufacturers. Vendors are selected based on their skills, product quality, timeliness, and cost. Many of the vendors have been working with us since our foundation and understand the Company's quality aspirations while still meeting the demanding production timelines of an internet company.”

For the marketing of the company and its products, NeedyBee relies on its database of customers who have bought merchandise from them directly or through other portals. This database is routinely analyzed and is in compliance with the best-practice principles of permission-based Direct Marketing.

NeedyBee has also developed software and information systems that track products from origin to sale, and using this historic data, they predict sale trends and design future collections according to these projections. Speaking about their latest range, Mehta said: “Our latest collection includes a beautiful range of colourful shirts for boys and summery soft cotton dresses for casual and everyday wear for girls. We have also introduced a new line of bodysuits and rompers in pure cotton for infants with matching booties, mittens and bibs.”

In their bid to bring the best kids wear collections to the market season after season, the brand intends to put together a design team which will keep abreast of emerging fashion ideas by researching the current market and absorbing and interpreting international artistic and fashion trends. “This will enable us to introduce kids’ collections appealing to a wide socio-economic and demographic range of customers,” concluded Mehta.