Stretch marks are caused due to the stretching of the skin. During pregnancy, an average woman gains between 12-17 kilos of weight. The skin stretches as the tummy expands to accommodate a growing baby. The skin stretches the most in the second and third trimester. Not only do the stretch marks appear along the tummy area but also around the thighs and the buttocks, abdomen, upper arms and the breast area. The body starts to prepare for the arrival of the baby and for that the breasts start to enlarge as the body gets ready to produce milk. The buttocks expand in preparation for delivery. This is all a natural phenomenon and its mesmerizing to see hwo our body changes itself to prepare for the baby’s birth in the most natural way.

Stretch marks usually look like tiger stripes. Stretch marks usually occur when the growth fo the body is faster than the growth or expansion of the skin. Thus, the fibers underneath the skin break as they expand and contract.

Preventing and avoiding stretch marks are one of the biggest concern of any pregnant woman. Many theories are out there on the internet on what creams to use or what to do to avoid these stretch marks. My opinion, having gone through two natural births myself is that this is something you just cannot avoid or prevent. What can be considered is to ensure that the marks are minimal, not too apparent and that the skin is moisturized well during this period so that the marks get lighter as time goes by.

Stretch marks are the signature of being a Mom! I am not the one who ever hides it. I am quite nonchalant about it because I believe that motherhood brings a lot of changes in a woman’s life and this surely is one of them. Celebrate the changes that add to your pregnant physique, stretch marks and more. 

It’s hard to get the body back to its original shape immediately. You may come back to your original size of trousers and dresses but something will always be different after pregnancy.

Being regular in exercising and proactive will significantly help the process. To lighten the stretch marks here are a few tips that worked well for me. I started the application of cocoa butter cream across my entire body during the start fo my pregnancy. Before my bath, I would smear and massage coconut oil generously on my body. This not only helps to moisturize but also prevents itching that comes when the skin stretches. Keep your nails cut to avoid scratching the skin and getting permanent scars and marks. Continue to moisturize well post pregnancy too so that the marks start to lighten and slowly will become less visible. I don’t think that the specific advertised creams are better than a regular cocoa butter cream. So, don’t go for the overpriced creams. Just get regular pure coconut or almond oil and use any good thick moisturizer for your body!

Stretch marks are just one of the things that come with being pregnant and instead of stressing about it- just enjoy your time and work it out when the time comes! And there are plenty of dresses that will help you camouflage those stretch marks if you need to. We have a beautiful collection of loose fit maternity and postpartum cotton dresses and tunics and shirts for you. So, while you exercise hard and moisturize yourself to get back into shape we are here at NeedyBee to help you look stylish and hide those marks. Shop the maternity and postpartum collection at NeedyBee. You will be delighted at what you find there. A section dedicated to pure cotton, loose fitted, easy to wear and stylish simple clothing. Priced well so that it does not stress your pockets. Our maternity line is great value for money.

Author Nidhi Banthia Mehta, is a mother of two kids. Arjun Mehta (12) and Nia Mehta (10). She is happy to answer any parenting questions you may have. You may email her at

Nidhi is the founder and publisher of SuperMomPreneurs. She is also an appointed Mentor on Sheroes Community. She has three self-started businesses that she runs currently.