Valentine’s Day is celebrated as the day of love. People worldwide use this opportunity to express their love to each other and give each other gifts to make the day special.

So what should valentine Day be for you and your child. As a parent, it should be our endeavor to celebrate as many as we can with our children with love and togetherness. Valentine’s Day is another excuse for that celebration.

Make a special tiffin for your child’s lunchbox. Fill it with heart shaped sandwiches, cookies or a piece of cake. Write a love note and put it is their bag. A love letter to your child would go a long way too. You could also create a special lunch meal on take them out as a valentine’s day outing for lunch and a movie, buy a heart balloon and top it with an ice-cream treat.

The day does not need to be made special by giving on expensive toy or gift instead. Keep the gifts out and make it a more fulfilling day by spending quality time with your child together, playing a favorite game of their or just laughing and watching a movie with them.

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So happy Valentine’s Day to you and your children. May you paint each other’s lines red with laughter on their day!