Becoming a father is a turning point in a man’s life. Not only is it a new phase in life but also a sense of responsibility of another person who will now be dependent on you. It’s that point in your life when you become from a young adult to a responsible man.

As fathers, we are constantly thinking of giving our children the best education, best environment, opportunities, material things and more. There are many times we are faced with a decision that is between choosing a more lucrative career path and a more moneyed lifestyle or a path which is less travelled, where money may be less but in your heart, you know that that is the best upbringing environment for your children and will make them emotionally healthy individuals.

Such was the point in Alop’s life when in 2011 he accepted an offer to relocate to USA after a four-year stint in Singapore. Having lived in Asia for Five years, moving back to USA was a tough one. Career wise – perfect! But family wise he was confused. He knew that the age that the kids were in – if he moved to USA now he would nto be able to return home to India. It was a battle between the mind and the heart and the heart won after much contemplation.

In 2011 with the container ready with an address mapped for USA, the tides turned and the decision made. The address overnight changed to an Indian address and the route of the container too.

The father had won over the man. The man would have chosen a lucrative forward moving career path, but the father chose what would he though was better for the kids.

Alop completed his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from The Rochester Institute of Technology, USA. Thereafter, he worked with KLA-Tencor for fifteen years and rounded up his skills in General Management and Global Corporate Experience (USA, Singapore, India). After being in the corporate field for Fifteen years Alop embarked on his entrepreneurial journey with NeedyBee.

It’s not easy moving from a structured global conglomerate to a small startup environment. The frills and the perks go away. You are the office opener and the peon and the coffee guy and the operations, delivery, sales and everything! The work is exciting but the roller coaster ride at times frightening.

There is joy in creating something from scratch that you see growing step by step – like you see your children growing. But there is fear of falling, of financial crunches and sales target misses!

Being a process driven person, he has single-handedly created the organizational structure at NeedyBee and the seamless processes that enable the company to work efficiently. On the other hand both Alop & his wife, who is also the co-founder fo NeedyBee have continued to pursue their passions . For Alop it is all about the Cars!

Alop is a die-hard car enthusiast and runs for his passion!

As a father, Alop dotes on his two children Arjun & Nia. His favorite pastime is playing soccer or cricket with the kids; traveling with the family and creating memories, watching SciFi movies and Nat Geo with the kids.

Kids are getting a well-rounded environment of good basic yet simple schooling, great sports, time with grandparents, running with dogs and playing on the roads with friends. In India, these are simple joys of life which we don’t seem to have the time for, in the west. In the west, everything is structured, You call for a playdate, you have to drop your kids and pick them up – see if its convenient for the other parent….. and in India, your kids just Go!!!!! They play cricket on the streets, the play ball in the garden, they cycle and go to a friend’s house and the emotional quotient is much higher!

“Having worked in the corporate world for fifteen years, traveling across countries and continents, receiving great bonuses and paychecks – life was comfortable and great but something was amiss. I longed to return home to my roots, live with my parents, have my children grow up with their grandparents and work in my country where I could in some way give back and create more opportunities for people.” Says Alop. 

Being parents first, safety of our kids is always a priority! When we became parents, we were searching near and far to find the best of natural fabrics kids’ clothes which were chemical-free, synthetic free, fashionable, safe and functional.

We found some (expensive ones though!), but we felt that there was a gap in the market for safe, chemical free, design-driven, affordable kids-wear and accessories like we could find easily in the USA.

Now when we connect the dots, we feel that the seed was planted then. We shortly moved to Singapore with our corporate job and got busy in our work roles. Destiny beckons. Five years later we relocated to India to embark on our entrepreneurial journey, and thus NeedyBee was officially born, and began to grow – initially, as an e-tailing business specializing only in Kids accessories and soon forayed into Kids Apparel followed by our Brand presence in various kids’ boutiques and chain stores.

Today many kids are born with skin allergies, sensitivities and they cannot wear anything that’s a synthetic mix. Most brands out there offer products that are made of mixed materials as that is cheaper to source and are more driven to create fast fashion wear and throw products. We wanted to provide an alternate to parents where they could safely buy clothes for their babies and children made with pure and natural fabrics and free of any chemical dyes. That led to the start of our apparel range….

NeedyBee is a baby & kids Brand providing Head2Toe Dressing ensembles for Newborn to 5 Years - fulfilling every parent's dream!  We pride in offering clothing & accessories that is made with the finest, natural, breathable and the purest fabrics to suit children’s sensitive skin.

We offer quality infant and kids wear with stylish, cutting edge contemporary designs, patterns and color palettes that have timeless appeal. We are parents ourselves, and it’s our humble attempt to bring back the memories of our Grandmothers handcrafted clothing - into our children’s wardrobe!  Our clothes are easy to wear, wash and while being of utility, they are beautiful handcrafted simple yet classic pieces. They are finished with traditional embroideries and age-old evergreen techniques of chikankari, smocking which will appeal to every parents’ quality conscious contemporary sensibilities. Our designs defy the “whats in fashion” statement by being timeless classic pieces that can be passed down siblings and through generations!

NeedyBee was born out of a deep desire to be a leader in kids wear with contemporary cuts and styles created from traditional Indian crafts and techniques with a conscious effort to create safe and classic evergreen pieces for kids.

 As such, we commit to integrating environmental sustainability into our business processes and continuously improve our products and processes.

Our philosophy is that eco-friendliness should also make better products in terms of function and aesthetics. 

As a Brand, we always strive to make choices that further reduce the impact on the environment, the human health and the wildlife.

We are here to provide an alternate to parents to buy wisely and to buy clothes and products that are safe for their children, that are made with fair trade practices, that have not harmed the eco-system while being produced and that have enabled the small artisans in the process. If we become conscious buyers and put some thought into what we are buying and buy products that can last longer and passed on forward then we are doing our bit to not overburden the planet with more discarded clothes, toxins and trash.

Pure and natural fabrics will make your child feel good, lighter when they wear it. If they are comfortable they are more playful and happier.

So it’s our effort with NeedyBee to provide this choice at affordable pricing so that parents can make a better choice of purchase for their babies and kids!

Besides NeedyBee they also now have established a sourcing hub for international small buyers and boutiques. Overseas buyers are always looking to source HandBlock printed items and artisanal items from Jaipur and we being here with the understanding of the global framework, the deadlines, the quality standard expectations can now marry the requirements of the buyers with our network of suppliers and do a win-win for them both! At JaipurSe we are the bridge between the Indian artisans and the International buyer who does not want enormous quantities but small batches of products which are niche. We give them that!

This Father’s Day we salute all fathers who have always given their family more priority over their careers and their interests. The road maybe less traveled but it’s worth the journey!